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Episode 2: Driving In On Pallets Of Money

On Episode 2: Driving In On Pallets Of Money (48:50 total run time), Ryan and Aaron welcome Will Warren of Cavendish Brewing in Gastonia, NC.

First up, Brew News (0:48).  Ryan recaps The New Brewer from the Brewers Association calling craft beer drinkers users.  Aaron talks about Mendocino Brewing’s slow death (6:34). The Epic Recall (8:45). Two prospective Cicerones geek out over what is diacetyl (9:00).  Black Starline Brewing closes its doors (10:00).  Will talks about the pallets of money he drove in on (12:50).

We try to call Dustin and that fails miserably (13:50). Oh yeah, Dustin from Southern Range was not able to come on for this episode.  This was the first technical snafu of the week.  Don’t worry, there were more issues which is why the episode is so late.

Then we interview Will (14:15). Why Gastonia (15:15)? You have to have a fizzy yellow beer (20:45). It’s hard to make money in beer (23:55). The Untappd effect (29:00). Cavendish Anniversary Party and first package release are on April 21st.

Beer recommendations (34:27):  Heretic Brewing Shallow Grave Porter (Ryan), Greenman Lager (Aaron), and Riverman Brewing Take Out American Pale Ale (Will). Book recommendation, we read so you don’t have to, from Ryan (37:30) Untapped: Exploring The Cultural Dimensions of Craft Beer.  Ryan lauds The Chi (42:30).  Aaron recommends alternative hip-hop artist Astronautalis (44:09).

Thank you to Will for coming in and Hygge Coworking for the studio space.  Until next time.