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Episode 5: Diversity. It’s A Good Thing

Episode 5: Diversity.  It’s a good thing.

The one in which offend the nation of Scotland.

We start the show with Brew News

Next, we interview blogger and journalist Bryan Roth.  Besides his own blog, he has written for All About Beer, Beer Advocate, Good Beer Hunting, Paste, The Thrillst about the general state of the craft beer world as well as the need for diversity in craft beer.  Here are links to a few of Bryan’s pieces on craft beer and diversity:


Ryan, Aaron, and Tabu in the post-show glow

In the studio, we talked to Tabu Terrell the owner and head brewer at Three Spirits Brewery about how he became a craft brewer after being an ER doctor and how he sees diversity growing within the craft beer realm. Tabu mentions the CIAA Black Food Truck Friday his brewery is hosting on March 2 and the Peruvian Independence Day Festival at Three Spirits on July 28.


We close the show with our recommendations both beer and otherwise.

Aaron and Ryan would like to thank Bryan and Tabu for joining them in this episode.  They would also like to thank Hygge Co-Working for the use of the studio and Ryan Little for the use of his song West Coast and Loyalty Freak Music for the use of the song Monarch Of The Street in the open and close.  Also, the podcast is now available on Apple Podcasts and Google Play for your subscribing pleasure.