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Episode 23 – Brew News

This week, Ryan and Aaron cover the latest news and happenings in the craft beer industry, despite both running on virtually zero sleep and with zero energy. Oddly enough, this actually makes for some of the most interesting and eclectic commentary yet!

On this episode they cover beer and cider rationing in the UK, the impact of beverages containing THC on the craft beer industry, a South Carolina brewery looking to expand west even while trying to sell their business, and so much more!

The guys would also like to thank Hygge Co-Working for the use of the podcast space, and Beat Stars for the opening and closing music this week.

Finally, you can find Aaron behind the bar at Kit’s Trackside in Pineville and at and you can find Ryan slinging beer at Craft Tasting Room and Growler Shop,, and at Craft Beer Consulting, LLC.

See you next week.