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Episode 24: Session Beer with Rachael Hudson

In the latest episode of Between The Pints, Aaron and Ryan welcome Rachel Hudson from Pilot Brewing for an interview.

The guys talk to Rachael about the new concept she and her husband Jeff are bringing to the craft beer world with Pilot Brewing. The name has a double meaning as Jeff is an airline pilot and more importantly all the beers brewed at Pilot will be in small batches and brewed by everyone on staff.

Take a listen to learn more about Pilot Brewing and Racahel’s journey to becoming a brewery owner.

The guys would also like to thank Hygge Co-Working for the use of the podcast space, and Black Ant and Free Music Archive for the opening and closing music this week.

Finally, you can find Aaron behind the bar at Kit’s Trackside in Pineville and at and you can find Ryan slinging beer at Craft Tasting Room and Growler Shop,, and at Craft Beer Consulting, LLC.

See you next week.