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Episode 25: Uncapped – Part 1 of Rating Sites – Safe Novelty

Aaron and Ryan were gone for a couple of weeks because Aaron and his wife welcomed a new tiny roommate and Ryan moved into a new house.  They make their return with the first of a two-part series on online beer rating systems and what they mean for the craft beer industry.

In the episode, besides the many tangents the Between the Pints has quickly become known for, they do manage to talk about Untappd, Beer Advocate and Rate Beer and how those sites are a part of a larger crowdsource movement that has changed not only craft beer reviews, but the way many of the things we enjoy for entertainment are reviewed and critiqued.  Basically, the guys try to figure out if these sites are Tools of Knowledge or Tools of Ignorance.

Also, Aaron declares that furries are OK and Ryan takes shots at right answers.

As always, the guys want to thank Hygge Coworking for the use of the podcast space.  This week’s music is “Guitar Strut” by Lorenzo’s Music and can be found on Free Music Archive.

Look for more internet stuff from Aaron at and from Ryan at and  See you guys next week.