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Short Pour: GABF Edition #3

Ryan sends in his last solo missive about the GABF. He is a crappy traveler, needing two days to recover from traveling and drinking so he apologizes for the episode being a little late.

In this episode, he gives his overall impressions of the festival and the awards.

Ryan would like to thank Dave, Ginny, and Maddie the Greyhound for their hospitality and more important their friendship as they housed him for 4 days. He would also like to thank his beloved for letting him go and have fun without her. Hopefully, they will find a way to go together next year.

Thanks to the band Lobo Locos for the use of the song Running Eiskrokodil as the opening and closing music. Look out for new¬†¬†posts. The first should be a rundown of Ryan’s favorite beers he tasted at the festival. Also, look for a new Between The Pints full episode dropping on Thursday. Until then, slainte!